Dreamers and Doers Book launch Ceremony

Dreamers and Doers Book Launch Ceremony

An online book launch event was held accompanied by book reading of a chapter from the book itself. The book launch of Dreamers and Doers by Dr. Satilal Patil, took place on 29th October , on the auspicious day of Dussehra. This book introduced to the audience by Satilal Patil is about he and his companions’ journey, for their ravenous hunger for adventure, from Pune to Singapore on bikes (Bullet – Royal Enfield). This book includes all the fun experiences across different lands and culture while also giving the reader historical and geographical understanding about the places travelled to. The book itself feels like a journey the reader is on, along with writer, visiting new places with every flip of the page.


The special guests present at the event were-

Veena Gavankar, author of one of the most best-selling books even today ‘Ek Hota Carver’ and ‘Rosalind Franklin’. Other books written by the author are Bhagirathe Varas, Lise Mitner, Dr.Ida Skadder and Sarptadnya Dr. Remond Ditmars.

Umesh Zirpe, known for leading successful expeditions on seven of the top fourteen, 8000 metres peaks in the world including Mount Everest and Mount Kanchenjunga. To commemorate his achievements, Maharashtra has honoured with Shiv Chhatrapati Award, the highest award for sports in the state.

Anand Palande  -Author of famous Marathi book based on mountains, forts and trekking called Dongaryatra.

Ravindra Abhayankar- Ex-Director from Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India

Milind Joshi- President of Maharashtra Sahitya Parishad, which is a literary institution situated in the West India state of Maharashtra for the purpose of the “furtherance of Marathi Language and Literature”.

The whole event was successfully co-ordinated by Vinaykumar Autae.

Team D&D and Go Green Go Clean  were also present in the ceremony, these teams were the ones who accompanied the author in different points in the journey.


The book reading event was done by Manjiri Tikka. She is author, poet and a book reader by profession. She read the chapter- Dheypurticha Suvarn adhay, which had captured the golden moment of achieving the goal and made the audience more curious about how the narrator reached up to the level of success and also made them wonder what happens next, the mood created is very triumphant and is full of hope and encouragement.



The journey which the book takes us on is Pune to Sigapore and back to Pune, through 7 different countries (Route: Pune (India)-  Bhutan- Myanmar- Thailand- Cambodia- Malaysia- Singapore). The journey was a total of 20,000 kilometres long.

8 friends were part of the origin of this crazy journey one way (Dreamers and Doers – Pune to Singapore) and while of the trip back from Varanasi to Pune the author was accompanied by 7 very supportive and compassionate friends.

Bikers introduction

1 Name Yateen Tambe
Team Dreamers and Doers
Company name Friction Welding
Achievements in life K2K biking, Manali to Khardung la cycling, Spiti valley biking, Pune to Kanyakumari cycling
2 Name Ram Phuge
Team Dreamers and Doers
Company name Bhagyalaxmi Group of Companies
Achievements in life –       Working For Eye Donation awareness and till date by these Eye Donation we have given 75 eye balls to see this wonderful world..(Jagruti Social Foundation)

–       Every quarter Blood donation and as required Plate lates donation

–       In drought time ..distribution of 40 Tons food grains in Usmanabad needy 1100 farmers ..30 Kg each family

Previous adventures –       Trekking of many forts

–       Pune to Saswad walking with wari since 6 years

–       Gunnies world record in Scuba..

–       Longest Human Chain Under Water At kothao Thailand..

–       Pune to Wagah Border (Attari Border) Cycling Expedition @ 2000 km.

–       Sky Diving at Thailand

–       Leh Laddhak Biking Expedition

–       River Rafting,ATB, Zip Lining,Dirt Ride

–       Bhosari to Goa biking for 7 water forts expeditions

–       Under Sea walk at Mauritius

–       Many Biking Hiking Rides and many Half Marathon

3 Name Sandeep Shinde
Team Dreamers and Doers
Company name Sai-Lee Electrotekniks P.Ltd
Achievements in life –       Delivers lectures in college

–       Received award from Atul Kirloskar for new design and consistant quality

–       Running blood donation camps every year

–       Helping orphanage and old age homes

Previous adventures Pune to Goa solo cycling done in 36 hours, Pune to Wagah border cycling, sky diving in Thailand, world’s highest commercial bungee jumping in Macau i.e.765 feet,
4 Name Vijay Hargude
Team Dreamers and Doers
5 Name Vijaysinh Chavhan
Team Dreamers and Doers
Achievements in life Industrial Merit Award   winner for Innovation
Story published in “Real Winners “Book
Previous adventures Skydiving, Gliding, bungee jumping
6 Name Shashikant Hande
Team Dreamers and Doers
7 Name Mahesh Prabhudesai
Team Dreamers and Doers
8 Name Dr. Ashish Polkade
Team Go Green Go Clean
Achievements in life Twenty Years experience in the field of Microbiology

Trained more than 20000 candidates in waste management.

Special interest in science popularization in students.

Established organization providing poison free food to the Society.

Working as a Waste management expert.

Previous adventures Pune to Leh Bike expedition in 2011

Pune- Varanasi-Pune Bike Expedition in Nov 2015

9 Name Sujit Dhere
Team Go Green Go Clean
Company name Technovision Solutions
Achievements in life Running own business in Machine Automation and Control since more than 10years known as Technovision Solutions
Previous adventures Bike Tour Leh Ladakh 2013

Local biking trips like Konkan and surrounding.

10 Name Vijay Kelkar
Team Go Green Go Clean
Achievements in life –       24 years work experience in Corporate in the field of IT, construction Sales,Marketing,HR, Personnel, Admin

–       Conducted and attended many treks in Maharastra hill forts,

–       Active volunteer of Sawai Gandharva Bhimsen Sangeet Mahotsav Pune for last 29 years

–       Wrote a book on Sawai Mahotsav recently.

–       Published research paper of exploration if temples of Maharashtra in Mumbai University

–       At present running own Tourism business

–       Also into the profession if NLP practise being certified coach !

–       Working actively in the field of Spiritual energies along with dowsing techniques ,Reiki Channel.

–       Stage performer of Indian Light Music and performing artist of “Shodh Kavitecha” a marathi show based on our childhood poems and performed in 157 shows.

Previous adventures –       At the age of 50 started Biking expeditions ! Very first was Pune Varanasi Pune !Accompanied Satilal Patil himself from Varanasi Pune Journey! A very much Proud Feeling indeed! After this completed following bike ride with other friends

–       Hampi, Hospet, Badami tour

–       Leh Ladakh 2016

–       Leh Ladakh 2017

–       West Coast 2018

–       East Coast 2019

And many more bike rides within Maharashtra

11 Name Pramod Barange
Team Go Green Go Clean
Achievements in life 22 years of sales and marketing experience in national and multinational conglomerates particularly in Construction Chemicals and Silicone Polymers


Spoke in International Construction Chemical Conclave 2012 & 2013

Previous adventures Trekking to –

–       Thamsar Pass,

–       Valley of flowers

–       All Sahyadri Mountain Ranges


–       Pune Goa Pune 2014

–       Pune Varanasi Pune 2015

–       Pune Hampi Pune 2016

–       Jammu – Leh Delhi 2017

–       Indian West Coast 2018

–       Indian East Coast 2019

12 Name Vinay Kumar jaysingrao awate
Team Go Green Go Clean
Achievements in life Agriculture college Pune

–       Athletics general champion for 2 successive years .1989,90

–       Post graduate institute Rahuri Athletics general champion 1991

–       Shrirampur Shree in Best physique 1990

–       All India trekking military Expedition Jammu Kashmir 1989

–       NCC rank holder

–       MPSC selection for

–       Police sub inspector

–       Mantralaya assistant

–       Sale tax inspector

–       Agril. class I officer

–       through staff selection commission GOI Selected as Central excise and custom inspector

–       3 gold and 2 silver in Maharashtra police academy 1992-93

–       1992 riot control at VP road and Nagpada police station mumbai after Babri Masjid demolition

–       Worked as officer on special duty to Hon. Minister Agril.MS for 5 years

–       Got first Krishi Sevaratna award by GOM

–       27 years continue best performance in service certificate from GOI

–       26-12-2004 Tsunami experience at Kanya Kumari.

–       133 television programs.

–       91 Akashwani programs

–       356 articles published in various magazines and papers

–       More than 100 lectures

–       Stray Dogs and cats caretaker

Previous adventures –       2007 Everest base camp trek .


13 Name Ramesh Rao
Team Go Green Go Clean
Achievements in life a. Professional success – General Manager in German Multinational

b. Hockey player at univ level

c. Awarded for professional excellence in corporate real estate and project leadership.

d. Panelist and speaker in real estate forums and project management conference.

Previous adventures a. Keen trekker and covered major forts in sahyadris

b. Treks in Himalayas upto 18000 ft

c. Biking expeditions to Leh Ladakh and covered the Indian Peninsula.. east and west coast.

14 Name Sanjay Patil
Team Go Green Go Clean

Feedback of the critics who read the book :

  • Anand Palande (trekkers and writer. He is one of the founder member of Giripremi organisation. He is author of famous Book- Dongaryatra) :
    • Every moment of 1000s of kilometre journey can be live with passion. We learn this by reading this book
  • Umesh Zirpe (member of Giripremi. Leader of Everest expeditions. He is president of Maharashtra mountaineering organisation) :
    • There is no life without adventure. Adventurers and adventure seekers should read this book.
  • Ajit Harisinghani (Author of bestseller book: One life to ride and The living Roads. He is senior biker who travelled to Ladakh solo on his Enfield motorcycle when he was 58. Then he travelled solo to Bhutan when he was 60+):
    • The book is full of Courage and confidence. One who is willing to bring his dream in reality should read the book.

I would recommend this book to everyone no matter their age or gender. This book not only is engaging but also motivates the reader to take risks in life and to explore more around them, it also shows the reader how one can find hope in darkness and come through thick and thin through sheer determination.


This ceremony gave the glimpses of the book with dignitaries feedback and all the e-audiences enjoyed the program. The ceremony was ended by Jagruti Patil by giving vote of thanks, she also gave as idea of this book availability on amazon and flipkart soon.

You can also see this program video on

I hope you have also liked this article, please let me know your valuable feedback on the program and any queries.